Support for Boone and Dallas County families and children.

Community Partnerships for Protecting Children - Boone & Dallas Counties


We all want our children to be safe

Community Partnerships for Protecting Children is a network of people who live, work, and serve in our communities. We know that life is complex, and that life’s challenges can get in the way of being the best parents we can be.

Sometimes we all need help

We partner to support families who are experiencing the highest levels of stress, before things get out of control. And when life has already gotten complicated, we are here to walk beside each family member, to help them get back on their feet.

Together, we help solve problems so parents can focus on raising healthy, thriving children

We know that proventing child abuse is not simply a matter of parents doing a better job, but about creating communities in which doing better is easier.

Our communities offer many valuable resources. But knowing where to find them can be difficult. This website is designed to be your tool to locate local support and find links to the answers you are seeking.

For the community

We hope to offer you opportunities to help children and their families in your area.

For programs & agencies

We hope to connect you to families who need your services.

For families

We hope you will learn what resources are available to your family.

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